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The Last Lane

Ha this is the beginning
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About us

Welcome friends to the rock'n'roll dance party this is The Last Lane's not quite offical but good enough for now website cause we are poor and cant aford our own website. 

Anyways we are a kickin band from Des Monies Iowa for those who dont know of Iowa we are below Minnesota so we are a band on hte rise trying to get through school and getting gigs but its all good. 

Ryan and Hayden have started a band yeah they rock the band is the last lane and they are making the way for rockers form iowa with influnces from SWA vandon rosefield half the facts kgb and other local bands how can they go wrong welll yeha they cant so look out for them they sneak up they bite ya yeah they just watch.

No shows yet sorry lol

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we might not be the best but we stick togeather and thats the good news